Digital Church for Digital Natives

Go Be Church is a digital-first faith community looking to change the way people connect with faith and community.

Go Be Church is a digital-first faith community dedicated to cultivating transformative relationships with Jesus Christ, redefining community, and empowering disciples through innovative online worship and mission experiences.



Go Be Church envisions a digital-first community that expands traditional notions of church, fostering authentic relationships centered around Jesus and transcending geographical boundaries.

This approach offers increased accessibility, inclusivity, and the opportunity to engage with people from diverse backgrounds, expanding the impact of the church in a rapidly evolving digital world.

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Social Justice

Go Be Church leverages the dispersed and deployed faith community to make a broad, justice-oriented missional impact, addressing the needs of marginalized and oppressed people.

By finding common ground around global causes and working as the dispersed church, the digital-first community can create a wider, more far-reaching impact than localized physical gatherings.



Go Be Church expands traditional mission work by empowering individuals to serve their local communities and leveraging technology to make a broader impact.

Through dispersed mission activities and crowdsourced fundraising, digital-first churches can foster ecumenical relationships and harness the potential of digital natives to address global needs.



Go Be Church caters to busy, yet spiritually minded individuals by offering a worship experience specifically designed for digital engagement.

By delivering shorter, easily accessible worship elements throughout the week, the Go Be Church enables community members to connect with their faith meaningfully, despite their hectic schedules.


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